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Common Tree Services..

Hazardous Tree Removal

Removing old hazardous trees to prevent damage to personal property. 


Assessing older trees for structural soundness.


Power Lines

Clearing tree tops and branches near power lines.


Fallen Trees

Helping clean up of fallen trees.


Creating a View

Removing trees or branches that are blocking views or pathways.


Mulching Service

We provide free mulching for walkways, driveways and gardens preserving the natural look of your property. (Delivery charges may apply)


Andy's Tree Service works in Abbotsford, Mission Maple Ridge 

Fully Insured & in compliance with Work Safe BC– Up to 2 million insurance coverage.

Call or Email for your Free Estimate  236 887 6469

Lowest Price - Willing to match or beat any written estimate from an established and Insured company!

24 Hour Emergency Services Available – 7 days a week​.

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