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Tree Services..

  • Properly maintained trees & hedges live longer & healthier.
  • Pruning trees can significantly impact your property and neighborhood value.
  • If your tree is unsafe to climb we have a Boom Truck that can safely access up to 60ft.  
  • We can also chip or shred the  branches you may have on your property.
  • ​Do you need a permit? We can help you through the process.
  • We have a specialized equipment truck to safely access up to 60ft.
  • We are experts in safely removing  large hazardous trees.
  • Once your tree is removed, we can take care of the stump as well.
  • Tree removal is a very dangerous job requiring a highly skilled professional, call Andy!
  • Ask us about our NEW onsite milling and customized lumber options.
  • We have a stump grinder with carbide teeth that will chew up any stump with ease.

  • Our stump grinder is compact enough to fit most yard gates.

  • We grind the stump to about 6-15 inches below the level of your lawn or remove the stump completely.

  • We can remove any size stump, old or new.


Tree Topping & Custom Onsite Milling
Hedge Pruning & Tree Trimming


Stump Grinding & 
Stump Removal


Andy's Tree Service works in Abbotsford, Mission Maple Ridge 

Fully Insured & in compliance with Work Safe BC– Up to 2 million insurance coverage.

Call or Email for your Free Estimate  236 887 6469

Lowest Price - Willing to match or beat any written estimate from an established and Insured company!

24 Hour Emergency Services Available – 7 days a week​.

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